Compliance obligations of a nonprofit can be overwhelming and burdensome, especially for a volunteer-led organization. Notwithstanding the general exemption from assessment and remittance of taxation on its income, nonprofits are still obligated to file informational tax returns and reports with various federal and state agencies.

Failure to comply with its annual regulatory compliance obligations can result in the revocation of federal and state tax exemptions and delinquencies with various regulatory agencies. Reinstatement of tax exemption and compliance status with various regulatory agencies can be complex and costly.

Tovella Dowling’s experience in nonprofit and tax compliance matters lends to rectifying non-compliance matters in an efficient and streamlined manner so clients can focus their efforts on those causes and communities for which they exist to serve instead of dedicating time and resources to navigating the regulatory reinstatement process.

Additionally, our attorneys have successfully abated significant penalties, late fees, and assessments resulting from inadvertent delinquencies and late filings saving its clients substantial sums which can in turn be used in furtherance of its mission.