Rita Tovella

Administrator of Firm Operations and Client Relations

Rita's Bio

As Tovella Dowling’s Administrator of Firm Operations and Client Relations, Ms. Tovella plays an integral role in ensuring the needs and expectations of our clients, legal team, and trusted referral and community partners are being met.

Ms. Tovella brings years of extensive customer service experience across various sectors and takes pride in ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of every individual that engages with Tovella Dowling. Her mission is to facilitate client understanding and to cultivate individualized trust with each client that retains the firm to serve its legal needs. Additionally, she strives to foster long-standing and valued relationships with vendors, referral partners, and community affiliates.

Ms. Tovella travels between the Firm’s Arizona and California offices and in her spare time enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and hiking the red rocks of Sedona.

Professional Certifications

  • Arizona Notary

Affiliations, Memberships and Community Involvements

  • The Society for Human Resource Management

Purpose Drivers

As a mother of three daughters, and now a grandmother to four granddaughters, I have dedicated my life to raising strong girls. The foundational themes of my parental guidance were tailored with words of encouragement and motivation, but an acknowledgment of societal realities that they would inevitably experience one day firsthand. Having experienced these realities myself, I taught them to be strong. I taught them to be strong so that if they were to find themselves with no one else in their corner, they could fight their own way out. I taught them to be strong because board meetings need to be run, deals must be negotiated, and glass ceilings need to be shattered. I taught them to be strong because strong girls become empowered women and empowered women, empower other women.

I am fueled by the women my daughters have become and their commitment to following their dreams as working mothers, setting an example for their own girls. Being able to work alongside my daughter at Tovella Dowling in challenging changemakers and contributing to noble causes, including its own of empowering women by normalizing childcare in the workplace, is gratifying beyond words – as I witness empowered women running board meetings, negotiating deals, and shattering glass ceilings on a daily basis.