Angela Ebalo


Angela's Bio

Angela Ebalo is a Paralegal with Tovella Dowling, PC, supporting the Firm’s attorneys with various legal and administrative tasks. Ms. Ebalo has ABA Paralegal Certificate at the University of San Diego Extension and brings a wide range of experience from client relations to substantive paralegal tasks.

Ms. Ebalo takes pride in streamlining the Firm’s operations to ensure efficiencies in operations and administration ultimately contributing value to the Tovella Dowling, PC team and its clients.

Professional Certifications

  • ABA Paralegal Certificate, University of San Diego Extension

Affiliations, Memberships and Community Involvements

  • The Society for Human Resource Management

Purpose Drivers

As a daughter of parents who share in the appreciation of philanthropic outreach and possess the admirable trait of focusing on the silver lining of every situation, even where such lining may be quite thin, it was instilled in me from a young age to approach life with a “glass half full” outlook, regardless of responding to opportunity or obstacle. It was instilled in me that a life worth living is not achieved by things that we accumulate or earn over time, but rather by what we give. It was not until I gained greater life experience that I was able to grasp the truly profound impact that the gift of optimism can have on yourself and others and recognized that this outlook is not inherent to everyone. Maintaining a steadfast hope for societal well-being fosters purpose, fulfillment, and positivity that can be contagious. I feel at home at Tovella Dowling where I am able to surround myself with like-minded individuals who not only share these beliefs but cultivate a culture of enhancing this outlook in others on a daily basis.