Are you Compliant? Conduct a Corporate Compliance Check!

Federal Taxing Agency – Internal Revenue Service 

Check your nonprofit’s federal tax exemption and historical filings by using the Tax Exempt Organization Search Tool maintained by the Internal Revenue Service.

Check your Federal Tax Exempt Status

State Taxing Agency

In addition to federal tax exemption, your nonprofit may also be required to obtain state tax exemption depending on which state it is operating in. Check whether your nonprofit is compliant with its state tax exemption and reporting obligations.

Check your State Tax Exempt Status Compliance Status

Charitable Solicitation Registration

Fundraising practices are regulated by state law imposing fundraising registrations and periodic reporting in many jurisdictions. Check whether your nonprofit is compliant with its fundraising compliance obligations in each state that it fundraises.

Check your State Charitable Solicitation Registration Compliance Status

Secretary of State Periodic Report

Following incorporation, many states require nonprofits to file periodic reports containing basic governance and contact information about the nonprofit. Check whether your nonprofit is current with its periodic state report.

Check your State Periodic Report Compliance Status

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Mary is a very professional and dedicated attorney. She was able to register our NGO in a timely manner despite several challenges.

Dalia Alzendi

Bridge Collaborative Communities

Mary is an important part of our team. Countless times she has guided our organization with her expert knowledge through difficult paths.

Mike Carlisle

San Diego Southern Baptist Association

Mary is incredibly responsive, committed, and diligent in her counsel not only up-front, but for all ongoing support also.

Kristopher Corso