Workshop leader and speaker at annual Nonprofit Governance Symposium. This workshop explored several possible mechanisms and vehicles for cause-related collaborations between nonprofit and for-profit entities that result in increasing both organizational revenue and overall social impact. We will review successful case studies, and will also explore the appropriate structuring of such ventures between a non-profit and for-profit business including: collaborations, strategic alliances, formal joint ventures, commercial co-ventures, and how to turn corporate charitable giving into a co-marketing opportunity. This session will also highlight the importance of understanding the legal hurdles associated with such ventures, and the methods necessary to protect the nonprofit’s exempt status. 

Client Reviews

Mary is a very professional and dedicated attorney. She was able to register our NGO in a timely manner despite several challenges.

Dalia Alzendi

Bridge Collaborative Communities

Mary is an important part of our team. Countless times she has guided our organization with her expert knowledge through difficult paths.

Mike Carlisle

San Diego Southern Baptist Association

Mary is incredibly responsive, committed, and diligent in her counsel not only up-front, but for all ongoing support also.

Kristopher Corso