Tovella Dowling, PC represents nonprofits, as well as volunteers, donors, members, and professional fundraisers in various litigation and administrative matters.

In addition to proactive planning and counsel, Tovella Dowling, PC offers litigation services to its clients, should the need arise. When named in a lawsuit where nonprofit issues are at play, it is paramount that you retain counsel with the understanding, capacity, and experience to ensure your interests are best represented. Whether your nonprofit is facing a hostile takeover or subject to audit or investigation by a federal or state regulator, our litigation team are zealous advocates on your behalf.

In addition to undertaking representation in nonprofit litigation matters, Tovella Dowling, PC is well versed in employment and labor litigation matters. To ensure compliance with federal and state workplace laws and regulations, business and organizations seek counsel from our firm the deliver solutions that maximize management flexibility and minimize risk exposure. Tovella Dowling’s labor and employment team counsels employers of all sizes on workforce management and provides litigation defense.

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  • Board Governance Dispute
  • Member Derivative Suit
  • Misappropriate of Charitable Assets
  • Wrongful membership termination
  • Election violations
  • Whistleblower Actions
  • Self-Dealing
  • Breach of Contract